Tisha’s* Story

#LoveWithoutAgenda Tisha* arrived at the front door to the office looking for a safe place where her traffickers wouldn’t be able to find her.
The door buzzed and we saw Tisha* standing there. We were prepared to give her a card that was waiting for her but, “that’s not why I’m here today” she said. She had been receiving threatening messages from her former trafficker and needed somewhere she couldn’t be found. Tisha* had a circle of people that she thought were safe + supported her, but in reality they were pushing her back into sex work that she didn’t want to do. She felt isolated + didn’t know where else to turn.
We connected Tisha* to safe housing through a domestic violence partner of ours. She left the office with some groceries, a small bag of make-up + hygiene products, and a little hope in her heart. Unexpected client crises, like Tisha’s*, arise in both our Las Vegas + Portland offices. The amazing thing about our volunteers is that we are able to do a call to action, like on this day, and have one of them drop everything in that moment to help get our client to safety.
Tisha’s* goal is to get into a program in another state where no one would know where she was, so she can start to put the pieces of her life back together. We know this takes time to put into action, but Tisha* doesn’t have to do this alone. “It was an honor to walk alongside Tisha at that moment!” -statement from a volunteer.
We are halfway through December and our Love Local holiday giving campaign. Would you consider giving up you coffee budget for the week to help someone like Tisha* this holiday season?
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*All identifiable info changed to protect confidentiality.
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