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“All a parent wants is to see their child happy.” – Jada’s mother.
Jada is a 6-year old fun-loving girl who loves to make others smile.
Life can change within a day. One day she was happy and healthy to having concerning symptoms that led to her diagnosis. Like many facing childhood cancer, Jada’s family has had to make difficult decisions to ensure their child has the care they need. Jada’s mother had to decide to quit her job to be there for her, while her father continues to work as a first responder.
1 in 3 FAMILIES face other work disruptions like having to quit or change jobs⁣
Facing decisions like this during an already uncertain year is beyond belief.
“Going from a two-income household to a single income household is a huge burden! Even more so now, with Covid-19 and the necessary precautions. Her treatment cost has been expensive, we’ve gone through all of our savings and had to receive grants from Candlelighters to help offset her treatment cost. “
“Jada is in treatments, although it has been very difficult with extra hospital stays for fevers, transfusions, etc. We feel so blessed to have help in the clinic. They are always, always able to put a smile on Jadas face, even when she is having a hard time with treatment.”- Jada’s mother.
Help support Candlelighters families like Jada’s who are facing childhood cancer and a global pandemic:
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